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Pet insurance can help you manage the cost of caring for your pet should the unexpected happen. Here at Linwood Animal Hospital we strongly encourage you to consider health insurance for your pet.

Why Do I Need Pet Insurance?

No one likes to think about their beloved pet getting hurt or sick, but it can happen at any time. Pets are typically curious, active and often quite fearless, so it's difficult to protect them from all dangers all the time. Pets also get sick, just like we do. In fact, every year about 6 million dogs and cats are diagnosed with cancer in the United States.

Pet Health Insurance FAQsFortunately, there are more life-saving treatments available for pets than ever before. However, with these new advances, come more expenses. That's where pet insurance comes in. By covering your pet, you can make sure you will be able to afford the medical care he or she needs.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

  • Get Treatment
  • File a Claim
  • Get Reimbursed

With pet insurance, you can visit any veterinarian or emergency hospital. You pay your bill at the time of service and submit a claim to the pet insurance company, which reimburses you directly with a check.

Some insurance companies even have the ability to make a direct deposit straight into your bank account, or submit payment directly to the veterinary hospital.

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

Pet insurance plans cost less than you may think. Most are typically around $35 a month for dogs, and even less for cats. Some companies offer certain discounts and have plans that are customizable to fit any budget.

What Are the Odds I Will Ever Need to Use the Pet Insurance?

What are the odds you will need your car insurance should you get into an accident, or house insurance should there be a fire? You may never need it if you're lucky, but should the unimaginable happen, you will be thankful you have it!

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Pet insurance typically protects pets in case of accidents or illnesses. Some even cover basic wellness care and annual vaccinations.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

No, it does not. This is why it is so important to enroll your pet before any health problems are evident.

Is There a Best Time to Get Pet Insurance?

Yes, now — before your pet gets into trouble! Remember that accidents can happen in a blink of an eye, so enroll your pet as soon as possible while there are very few, if any pre-existing health problems.

Which Pet Insurance Company Is the Best?

We recommend you visit www.petinsurancereview.com for information on choosing a pet insurance company that's right for you and your pet's individual needs.

Pet Insurance 101 Infographic

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Pet Insurance 101
Pet Insurance 101 infographic created by Trupanion.